Did you know that in 2017, 63% of houses in America had garages or carports? The Midwest region is a big player for garages, with over 70% of them having one.

If you’re living in this area, you might want to consider building a detached garage. There are plenty of reasons and one that can save your life.

Are you planning to build more storage for your car? Keep reading to know the perks and benefits of having this kind of garage.

1. Maximize Space

If you have plenty of yard space or land, why not use it for an unattached garage? It’s an excellent option to make use of your property.

It would be a waste to have acres of land with only one building. There’s much potential with open land, and one of them is installing a property garage.

You can convert that extra land or some part of it to a customized garage. An additional building can be an investment. You’ll have the best of both worlds; a lovely home to live in and plan for the future.

An unattached garage can also be another storage space for your home. If you’re thinking of storing away some unused materials, use the property garage.

But if you like welding, carpentry, or car repair, opt for the garage since it has more room. It’s a more appropriate place for large-scale projects.

If you’re not convinced, there are still other storage options for your garage.

2. Storage for Your Collection

You might have many cars or recreational toys you want to collect, so create a metal garage. You’ll have a better place for your toys and an improved display of them for the people.

You could showcase to others your extensive collection with a garage. It’s a nice feeling to let other people see the results of your hard work. Also, you’re not only displaying it, but you’re doing a creative presentation.

Some may enhance the general feel by adding lights and design to highlight the cars. You can add it, too, if you’re up for it. There’s no shame in making a space that improves the visuals of your cars.

Check out this all-vertical triple-wide carport to know the best metal garage. It’s big and spacious, but try a customized garage if you want a bigger one.

With a customized garage, you’ll have the freedom to decide what to do. You’ll have more comprehensive options for the material, size, and location you want to put it.

3. More Pleasing in the Eyes

You’ll never believe that house aesthetics is a thing nowadays. Thus, people are trying to make everything Instagram-worthy. It includes building a detached garage for your home.

Having an unattached garage can turn eyes and lead to more buyers when selling the house. It’s all about the looks of the people, even in homes.

It may sound dumb to get a metal garage for your home for aesthetics, but it’s not. You’ll have a better appraisal value if you have a house beyond the standard design.

Real estate agents will give your home a better listing price. That said, building a stand-alone or detached garage is worth your expense.

4. Increase House Value

The detached garage would always be better in a detached vs attached garage. One reason for it is the added value you make for your home.

With the new space, you created an opportunity for your home to have a higher resale value. There’s more storage, better curb appeal, and an area that people can convert.

Did you also know that a detached garage gives higher marketability? People are looking for these kinds of home additions, and most of them are on-demand.

An unattached garage gives more functionality to your family and your home. You might spend a bit on this stand-alone garage, but good results will follow. You’ll have a return-of-investment once you complete the process of building a garage.

Aside from ROIs, a garage can be a perfect space to convert into whatever room you desire in the future.

5. Space Conversion

A detached garage is also a space that can change over time. If you grew tiresome of your garage, transform it into a functional property.

It can be a guest house, extra workspace, or a home office. There are plenty of ways to go about it, and it’s an endless list. If you can’t choose from any of them, try asking yourself your needs.

Do your kids need a playroom? Do you desire to have an office or a place to relax? Decide on what you must have to create a usable space.

Before converting your garage into something else, ask the local government. There might be restrictions that prohibit you from flipping your garage into something else.

If there are no restrictions, build a detached garage and see what you can do with it in the future.

6. Boosts Safety for Your Family

Another reason to build an unattached garage is to secure your family. It can lessen break-ins to your home more than attached garages.

Some detached garages can save you from inhaling gas substances you use in your car. There are spray cans, paint, and propane tanks that you won’t smell because it’s far.

Also, the smoke from your car will not come into your home. Fumes are harmful to your health, and they’re not advisable to breathe in. It can do the following:

  • Damage lungs and mucous membranes
  • Cause oxygen deficiency
  • Make floors slippery
  • Reduce visibility
  • Cause fire
  • Can explode

Stand-alone garages can decrease the risk of fire. It’s separated from your home; thus, fire will not spread to your home.

Get a Detached Garage for Your Home Now!

Building a detached garage is an upgrade you want for your home. There’s no end to ways to convert the space while adding value.

That said, detached garages are way better than attached ones. It has more benefits, and you can earn more from building a stand-alone garage.

Are you planning to build a detached garage for your home? We have the best metal garages you can avail from the West. Contact us here!