The sun and the heat can be very damaging to your car (all elements can, like snow, rain, sun, hail, etc). During testing, interior car temperatures went all the way to 145 degrees Fahrenheit and interior surface temperatures to 195 degrees Fahrenheit when exposed to direct sunlight. 

It’s so important to protect your vehicle from direct sunlight and other environmental stressors so that you can improve its longevity and keep it safe from wear and tear. One way to do so is by using a metal carport daily. 

In the article below, we will chat about the various benefits of using a metal carport and why you need to install one asap in your home. 

1. Durable

The main advantage of using metal carports as opposed to some other material is that you can rely upon the durability of steel or other such materials. It’s resistant to a lot of damage, be it from hailstones or from baseballs that come flying out of your neighbors’ yard.

Also, it doesn’t get influenced or eaten away by pests, termites, or rot. You can rest assured that your vehicle and other items will be well protected when you use a metal carport in your home. 

2. Easily Moveable

When you use metal carport kits, the carport would be assembled at your home using prefabricated pieces. This means that you can build it up wherever you want and if you were to move to another home, you can just take it down and assemble it elsewhere. 

You don’t have to worry about losing out on your investment in a metal carport because you can take it with you wherever you go. Also, if you need some additional covered space to do work, then you can build it up wherever you want, at a construction site or other such places. 

3. Increases the Value of Your Home

The great thing about adding a metal carport to your home is that you can advertise this to potential tenants or buyers when you are renting out or selling your home. It’s highly unlikely that you will find someone who doesn’t own a car, considering Americans love their cars

So you can market your place as having a metal carport to protect their precious vehicle, and this can help you increase the rent you charge or the purchase price of your home. It’s such an easy thing to do but can help boost your home value quite a bit.

4. Customizable

Before you purchase a metal carport think about all the ways you will be using it. Perhaps you want a space to do some woodwork, in addition to protecting your vintage car or other recreational toys. Or maybe you want a covered space for your dogs to lay in or your children to play in.

Once you know exactly what you will be using the metal carport for, you can start customizing your carport to meet those exact needs.

Also, you should customize your carport to meet the weather requirements of your area. If you get a lot of snow, you want a metal carport that can handle that additional weight. In a windy area, you will want a carport adjusted to an appropriate wind rating

5. Flexible

When you need to add more length or change your metal carport in some way, it’s easy enough to do so. This is because it comes made of prefabricated pieces (kind of like lego pieces) which can be moved around and adjusted to fit each other as you desire. 

If you start with one car, but then your teenager buys a car as well, it’s easy enough to add more length to your metal carport so both vehicles can fit in comfortably. No need to argue every day about who gets to put their car into the carport that night. 

6. Protect Your Car From All the Elements

As already mentioned, your vehicle has to deal with a lot of tough elements every single day. You might not notice it because you are sitting in a nicely airconditioned home or office, but your car is sitting out there every single day, dealing with the heat, the sun, the rain, the snow, and the winds. 

With a metal carport, you can assuage all the damage that your car might incur quite a bit. This means your car lasts longer, looks better (the finish stays on longer), and you don’t have to spend money every few years renewing your car’s finish or buying a new vehicle. 

7. Long-Lasting

Metal carports last longer than other materials, and therefore, you won’t need to replace them as often. It will also require less maintenance as rot isn’t an issue with carport metal. 

In general, you will save quite a bit of money in many ways when you use a metal carport as opposed to some other material. This is because you won’t have to spend as much to fix up your car as it stays protected and you won’t have to spend that much money replacing your carport as it has higher longevity compared to other materials. 

8. Free up Space in Your Garage

If you’ve accumulated lots of odds and ends over the years in your garage and there’s no room for a vehicle in it any longer, then a metal carport would be exactly what you need. A lean-to-carport can let you store all your items guilt-free in your garage and still have room to protect your vehicle from all the elements. 

Don’t have a garage or any outdoor storage? Then a metal carport can help with that as well. You can use it to store whatever your heart desires, be it lumber, heavy equipment, building materials, or anything else. 

Think Long-Term and Purchase a Metal Carport

Try to think of your long-term cost savings and financial advantages when purchasing a metal carport. With so many benefits of getting a metal carport, you would be remiss if you didn’t build one in your home.

No matter if you are looking for a metal carport for your vehicle, or a metal outbuilding, barn, or RV storage area, contact Elite Structures today for a fast and free estimate on your metal building needs.