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Going on a quarter century, metal carports have became vastly more common exposing their true versatility similar to our steel buildings. Our customers have found a wide variety of uses other than just simply covering vehicles. Today carports are often used for patio covers, covered walkways, picnic shelters, and multi-purpose, basic storage shelters.

While you shop metal carports for sale it may seem a bit overwhelming to choose from so many custom accessories and optional features, but that’s where we come in. Our veteran carport specialists are here to guide you every step of the way while saving you time and money!


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Make The Most Of Your Property

The addition of a simple metal carport can add utility and even luxury to any property. It is easier than ever to erect a carport tailored to the specific needs of your property and lifestyle. Whether you are looking to create a safe area for your vehicles, expand your available storage area, have an open-air workshop, or even just a place for recreation, a metal carport can provide an easy and cost-effective means of creating a reliable and long-lasting structure.

Though the term “carport” may imply a place to stow your vehicles, the usefulness of these structures is limited mainly by the owner's imagination! Metal carports come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, with the defining feature being that a carport is not entirely enclosed, leaving one side open allowing vehicles to easily enter and exit. In the most bare-bones varieties, carports can be little more than a metal roof which provides your car or truck shelter from the elements.

More developed carports can include two- or three-walled construction, leading to an almost entirely enclosed structure which can serve a variety of purposes.  Affordable, durable materials combined with modern design and engineering have made the process of customizing, building, and maintaining a metal carport cheaper and simpler than ever before. These improvements in metal building technology have allowed countless property owners to make use of space that previously may have proven too difficult or expensive to develop at all.

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Easier Than You Think

Putting any new structure on your property can seem like a real hassle. It might even be enough to lead some to opt for less long-lasting solutions than a steel carport. But buying a metal carport is probably a much simpler process than you think! Modern metal buildings are exquisitely streamlined, with every piece being carefully engineered for cost, durability, and simplicity of construction.

With a sprawling variety of options and the expertise of diligent professionals at your disposal, finding the perfect metal carport for your property can be as easy as any making other purchase. Built with reliable, proven engineering and utilizing materials tested countless times in real world applications, you can rest assured knowing that the process of buying and installing a metal carport has been refined down to a science.

Because every property is different, it's important when looking at metal carports for sale to take some measurements of where you plan to install your carport and have some idea of what you'd like. But even if you are totally unsure of what the best carport for your needs is, our experts are ready and waiting to work with you to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Your Vehicle Is Worth Protecting

No matter where you go, the elements are waiting to take a piece of you – and your vehicle! It doesn't make much sense to invest thousands in your car or truck just to leave it sitting out in the rain, wind, and snow. The addition of even a cheap carport can spare you from a lot of unnecessary wear on your vehicle – and maybe a lot of hassle down the road. You don't need a full-sized garage to protect your investment. Having a simple roof to park under can go a long way.

Protecting your vehicle by creating a secure and covered place to park should be a concern for everyone who owns a vehicle. But especially for those operating repair shops, storing a lot of vehicles, or involved in handling fleets of cars and trucks, equipping your property with carports can lead to real savings in maintenance and upkeep costs by reducing everyday wear and tear.

Two-wall carport designs provide a unique opportunity to create structures which can easily be driven through. For the right user and the right property, this flexibility can be a huge boost to the efficiency of your operation. Just day to day, anyone can appreciate not having to navigate your property in reverse!

No matter how rugged your vehicle maybe, it can still benefit from the uncompromising protection of a high quality steel carport!

A Simple YET Long-Term Storage Solution

For items which you need quick and everyday access to, a carport can serve as a more ideal storage facility than a complete  metal building or garage. Especially for large, over sized items and equipment, the open nature of the structure makes short work of maneuvering otherwise hard to handle objects into and out of the carport.

Partially enclosed carports such as those featuring three-wall designs provide a sturdy and effective shield against rain, bugs, debris, and even wandering eyes, all the while never compromising the ease of access that comes with having completely open design unencumbered by a door or fourth wall.

Having a metal carport installed is a fantastic way to free up some space in your home or garage. Many items that can weather the limited exposure of an open carport otherwise just sit inside clogging up useful storage space in your home or office.

Enjoy What's Yours

Undeniably useful for hard-working jobs of all descriptions, it might be tempting to think of carports as being all about business and nothing else. However, with a bit of clever planning, your metal carport can just as easily be a recreational area as it can a place to park, work, and store things. The breezy open-air nature of carports allows you to be outside enjoying nature while still protected from the elements.

This is perfect for those with an outdoor hobby who don't want to get rained out. Your carport could serve as an art studio, an outdoor lounge, a picnic area, or an outdoor gym. It could even serve as the roof for a basketball or tennis court, giving you a place to practice no matter what the weather might be up to.

Something as simple as a cheap metal carport can truly open up the possibilities of what you can do outdoors!

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