Did you know that when it comes to adding value to your home, storage space is the new designer kitchen? When it comes to adding value and making the best use of your property, storage is king. From the benefits of a carport to its many different uses, we’ll go over all reasons why building a carport is well worth the investment.

From the reasons to build a carport to the ways you can use the extra storage, a carport is more than just a place to park your car. The advantages of a carport for shade, entertainment, and storage are endless. Let’s jump in and see if a carport is right for you.

Carports Protect Your Car from the Elements

Whether it’s rain, wind, hail, snow, or the harsh sun, carports will keep your car protected. You don’t have to worry about the weather damaging your car. Carports are great for protecting you from the weather and Mother Nature.

Weather is unpredictable. You may think it’s a warm and sunny day, and in the blink of an eye, the weather can change. If your car is left out unprotected, you could find yourself with serious car damage that isn’t always covered by insurance.

Damage from hail, snow, ice, and the sun can reap havoc on your vehicle. Keep your car protected during any season with a carport. The weather is one less thing you have to worry about.

Carports Add Extra Storage Space

Inside your carport, you can add a storage closet, storage racks, hanging racks, and more. Store lawn tools, pool toys, mowers, holiday decorations, and anything else you need to keep out of the way.

Carports add a ton of extra storage space for anything from cars, boats, golf carts, snowmobiles, lawnmowers, and more. You can use them to store additional cars, different vehicles, RVs, toys, and lawn care items.

Extra storage is hard to come by. Whether you need to store additional vehicles or extra items from inside your home, a carport is for more than just cars. You can use a carport for almost anything.

Carports Are Versatile

Carports aren’t just for storing cars. Think of a carport as an extension of your living space. While you can use them for cars and other vehicles, you can also use them as a place to get things out of the sun.

You can use them to hold outdoor furniture; for example, you can use them as a covered patio, a toy or play area, or a machine barn. The possibilities and uses are almost endless. They are also versatile enough to change to suit your needs.

Maybe you typically store your car in a carport. Then when you’re hosting a graduation party, your carport becomes a covered patio. In the summer, you may use it for a ride-on lawnmower and a golf cart. In the winter, the carport can store your boat.

Protect Your Car and Belongings from Vandalism or Theft

Vandalism and theft will happen in any area, neighborhood, or town. You never know when a vandal will strike. A carport adds an extra layer of protection for your vehicles and storage items.

To help keep your valuables and your vehicles safe, add a carport. A carport gives your items protection, shelter, and safety. If someone has to go into a carport, they are far less likely to take the risk to steal or vandalize your car.

When a car is left on the street or items are left outside, there’s no telling who can come and take them. A carport gives you somewhere safe to store your car, boat, and everything else important to you. Don’t leave your valuables out unprotected.

You Can Use Different Types of Carports for Different Vehicles

Let’s say you own an RV, boats, farming equipment, construction equipment, landscaping machines, or trucks, for example. You can use a carport to store any of these.

A carport is a great addition to a farm, landscape center, nursery, construction hub, marina, or commercial property. Make sure your property and equipment are safe and protected. You need your vehicles, trucks, and machines to keep your business, farm, or property running smoothly.

Adding a carport makes storing your machines and trucks safe and easy. Your business won’t miss a beat when you have safe and reliable storage for everything you need.

Carports are Easy to Use

At times, getting in and out of a garage is difficult. You may find it hard to pull in and out, grab items out of the car, and get into the doors. A carport provides a safe and easy place to get in and out of your car.

With a carport, you won’t have to worry about slamming the door into another car or the garage wall. You also don’t have to squeeze between two cars and wiggle out. If you’re struggling to get packages and groceries out in a small space, for example, a carport might be for you.

With a carport, you can get out your groceries, open your door, and get in and out with ease. This is especially important for parents of small kids with car seats as well. You can buckle kids and get them in and out of the car easily. Space is extra important with small and wiggly children.

A carport also provides plenty of space for elderly people or people with limited mobility. You can slide wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers in and out of a carport with plenty of room. Life is stressful enough without the added worry of getting in and out of the car when you’re struggling.

You’ll Save Energy Using a Carport

Without power, a carport will save you money compared to a garage. With a garage, you’ll have electricity, lights, and garage doors using switches. This all costs you money and energy.

A carport can also save on heating and cooling costs. There’s no air conditioning or HVAC needed in a carport. Your car stays safely out of the elements without the need for extra utilities.

A metal carport will even help keep your car warmer in the winter. The sun is attracted to the metal providing heat and a much-needed warm-up on cooler days.

A Carport Provides Shade When You Need It

When your car is left out in the street or the driveway, it’s also left out in the sun to bake. If you need extra shade on your property, a carport is a great option. A carport will give your car a great place to sit when it’s not being used that’s out of the sun.

If you have black or leather seats, you know how important shade is. Your seats get extra hot in the sun. In the summer months, burning seats can hurt your legs when you first get in.

If you have little kids, hot seats and metal buckles inside also hurt little hands when the sun is especially hot. Give your family a safer car that’s kept in the shade and out of the sun.

A carport can also act as a covered event or hangout space. When you’re having a BBQ or summer gathering, pull the cars out and use your carport for a shaded place to eat and entertain. Guests can enjoy hanging out, eating, and dining out of the hot sun and in some comfortable shade.

Use Carports for Additional Storage

Carports are great for storing cars and vehicles, but did you know you can also use them for additional home storage. You’ll finally have extra storage space for rakes, brooms, pool tools, shovels, and more.

You can also install racks and use your carport to store bins, outdoor toys, outdoor furniture, and holiday decorations. You can free up storage space inside your home and keep these items protected from the elements.

Carports are great for storing bikes, ride-on kids’ toys, water tables, scooters, and even blow-up pools, and bounce houses when they aren’t in use. The storage options are endless with the extra space you’ll gain from a carport.

Carports Look Great and Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Whether you’re looking for extra storage or an alternative to a garage, a carport will boost the value of your home and increase your curb appeal. You’ve likely never walked into a home or on a property and thought that there was too much storage space.

A carport is a beautiful addition to any home. Boost your curb appeal and get miscellaneous items and vehicles out from in front of your home. Everything will have a place, and everything will be stored neatly in a carport.

A carport or metal building will also boost the value of your outdoor space. You can add outdoor kitchens inside a shaded, covered patio, or create a beautiful outdoor dining area. 

Give your cars, vehicles, boats, and additional items a place to go. It will look great and give your home an organized and tidy appearance. Boost your storage and give your home a great-looking addition.

Building a Carport for Your Home Today

If you’re looking to add additional organization, parking for vehicles, and endless amounts of storage, building a carport is the right move for you. The possibilities and uses for a carport are almost endless.

If you’re looking to add a place to safely park vehicles, machines, boats, and more, you’ve come to the right place. We have carports to suit every different property and budget. To learn more, fill out the contact form here to start designing your dream carport.