Terms & Conditions

Elite is a trusted On-line Dealer for multiple Manufacturers nationwide.  Think of Elite as a tried and true Customer advocate that is here to assist you in the buying process.  Elite keeps tabs on pricing and scheduling delays with reputable Manufacturers and will place you accordingly factoring these variables.  Elite, when necessary, will leverage future orders to insure Manufacturers “do right” by our customers.  Please contact Elite with any issues at 1-844-364-9595, before attempting to contact the Manufacturer.

Deposit:  A non-refundable deposit will be required when ordering.  Deposit amount will vary with size, location, and chosen Manufacturer of the structure.  See attached invoice for more details.  Additional stage funding may be required on larger projects if required by the Manufacturer.  Typically larger width projects or projects over $20,000.00.  The Customer agrees by signing and making a deposit, that the initial deposit is considered fair compensation for assistance in design, pricing, image rendering (if applicable), and partnering you with a local Manufacturer who will lock your structure’s pricing for a reasonable amount of time to allow for site prep. 

Cancellation / Refunds:  Manufactures in some cases will require a down payment from Elite to schedule your structure.  The Customer understands that part or all of the original deposit may be used with the Manufacturer in the fabrication or scheduling process, underscoring the deposit will not be refundable after 72 hours.  Elite will give all Customers a “3 Day Free Look” after deposit.  Customers requesting to cancel in writing during your “3 Day Free Look” will be refunded in full, no questions asked.  Request should be emailed to info@myelitemetalstructures.com.  Elite will refund any deposit in circumstances where permitting is denied in writing.  Please instruct your local permitting office submit your denial and reasons for denial on their letterhead.  Official denial letters should be emailed to info@myelitemetalstructures.com for processing.  Refund request outside these guidelines will not be met in full.  Partial refunds or transferring of deposit to the same or greater sized Structure may be allowed at the discretion of the Elite Management Team.    

Pricing:  Elite reserves the right to correct any pricing errors made by our Sales Specialist concerning structure pricing or local taxes.  All jobs are priced as self-contracted.  The contract price is for the structure only and does not include any grading, concrete or foundation preparation. 

Permits:  A building permit may or may not be required by the Customer’s city or county.  It is the responsibility of the Customer to derive whether a building permit is required.  Customer will be solely responsible for all permitting, permitting fees, applications, etc.  If a permit is required, Customer must purchase a “Certified” building.  A “Certified” building is in most cases engineered to meet or exceed local building wind and snow requirement and, depending on the state and Manufacturer, Generic Pre-Engineered Plans are included in the Certified price.  A few states and Manufacturer’s may require additional cost for providing drawings on certain Structure designs.  All Manufacturer’s will require an upfront payment if site specific drawings are needed.

Scheduling:  If you cannot accept delivery on the time or date set by the Manufacturer, please note that installation may be delayed until another group of installs are scheduled for the area.  Manufacturer’s typically leave with a trailer full of structures and complete install in a geographical area all at the same time.  Logistics dictate a certain amount installs be complete at the same time to keep pricing as shown.  Install times are meant to be an estimation only.  Scheduling usually takes 3-8 weeks from the time the Customer is ready to accept delivery in most areas.  Holidays or weather may delay the scheduling process.  Please mark location where structure will be installed before arrival of installers.  Elite is not responsible for and has no involvement in the fabrication, scheduling, or installation of your structure, but acts as a Customer Advocate to assist you with questions or concerns regarding fabrication, scheduling, and installation.  Each Manufacturer’s scheduling department will attempt to contact you before installation, generally 2 to 5 days before arrival. 

Installation:  Structures must be installed with a level frame.  If Customer’s site is out of level, Customer understands the installation crew will add additional labor fees to complete install.  The Manufacturer normally will not schedule your install until you inform them you are “site ready” to accept delivery.  In most cases, pricing can be held for up to one year.

Labor Fees:  If the site area is not leveled, the Customer may incur additional costs for labor in order to install the building.  If the install crew are unable to make adjustments to the existing kit to install the structure, the Customer will incur and agrees to pay a rescheduling fee to the Manufacturer of up to 10% of the retail price of the structure.  Rescheduling installation may delay install until the Manufacturer is going to be back in your install area.  Elite recommends all site be professionally graded, poured or leveled.  In addition, a labor charge will be added for labor not included in routine installation, such as leveling, cutting legs, digging, building over objects (such as RV’s or Campers), and transporting materials more than fifty feet of the site area.

Equipment:  Equipment may be required to assist in the installation on some structures. Typically, equipment is only needed for structures over 30’ wide, sites above 12’ tall, or structures that involved large doors.  Measurements should be taken from grade.  Please let Elite know if your site area has more than 1’ of drop in elevation form the install surface.  If equipment is needed there will be additional charges. 

Warranties:  All warranties assume normal care and maintenance of the structure by the Customer. Warranties will be voided if the structure is alter by the Customer.  Installation on block, wood, loose dirt, or foundation that is not level will void any warranties.

Governing Law / Jurisdiction:  The proper jurisdiction and venue for all controversies involving this agreement shall be Surry County, NC.  This agreement shall not be modified or waived in whole or in part except in writing.  I have read and completely understand the above information and give my approval to begin construction of the Structure.

Questions / Concerns:  Any questions or concerns should be handled by sending an email directly to info@myelitemetalstructures.com.  A member of the Elite Management Team will follow-up within 48 hours of receiving your request.  Please include in your email, your desired path of resolution.