Hail damage to a car is not a good look. The worst part is how preventable it is. Instead of watching helplessly on from your window as your vehicle gets pelted by the elements, take steps to ensure this never happens to you.

Whether your car is your baby and you’re looking for a way to protect it or you’re just looking to add more working space to your property, a garage is an ideal way to facilitate that.

A garage is a big commitment. Construction, maintenance, decay. Why would you want to take on all that?

With a traditional wood garage, you might be right. With a metal garage, all of these problems are mitigated or even nonexistent.

To give yourself peace of mind with your vehicle and more space to work at a reasonable cost, a metal garage is the best solution. Here are seven reasons why you should consider metal garage buildings over traditional ones.

1. Metal Garages are Easier to Build and Quicker to Assemble

Since most of the parts are prefabricated, metal garage construction takes a fraction of the time of building a traditional wooden-framed garage for you.

When we deliver and install your garage, the simple and effective building design allows us to be in and out before you know it. Less time spent on building is great in itself, but that also equates to less money leaving your wallet.

2. They are Customizable and Adaptable

If you want a simple structure that will hold one car or a larger three-car garage with space to work and a lean-to addition on the side to cover exterior equipment, we can design a metal garage to fit any purpose.

The really amazing thing? Modular metal garages are highly adaptable. If you decide on an addition later or your needs change down the road, installing expansions to your building is far easier and cheaper with a metal garage than with other types.

3. A Metal Garage Is More Cost-Effective

With the material being cheap, the time commitment of building and installation being lower, and the fact that maintenance concerns are far fewer than with buildings other materials, it just makes more financial sense to go with a metal garage.

To put it simply, a metal garage will cost you less upfront and in the long run.

4. Metal Buildings are Durable and Resistant to Harsh Conditions

Our buildings are manufactured to the highest standards, with interior bracing and certifications guaranteeing their safety and reliability in high winds and snow.

The metal comes coated to ensure general durability and protection against rust, and you never have to worry about infestation by insects damaging the structure or rot and warping like with wood.

Even in high winds, nothing is going to punch through your metal garage. Just take a look around your neighborhood to see how many holes you can find in the siding of traditional garages.

5. Metal Garages are Easier to Clean and Maintain

Even the best wood structures can decay quicker in wet conditions, and they are far more susceptible to fire. Take some of that worry away by opting for a metal garage instead.

Fire-resistant from the outside, your metal garage building will better protect what’s important to you. With our rust-proof coating already applied to the material, decay won’t be an issue. Even in coastal areas where sea air is present, metal buildings last for years and years.

Cleaning your metal building is far simpler as well. Most of the time, a cleaning solution and a power washer will get the job done in just a few minutes. The process is more complicated and costly with the alternatives.

6. They are Possible to Disassemble and Take With You When You Move

While not always an option if you sell your property, it is possible to deconstruct a metal garage and take it with you when you move.

Of course, leaving it on the land will only increase the resale value. But if you’re really in love with your garage, it just might make more sense to you to pack it up and move it with you.

7. Metal Garages are More Eco-Friendly

A metal garage is simply a more environmentally conscious way to go. With such a short installation time requiring no heavy machinery—unlike most other options—your metal garage will leave you with a clear conscience about being more eco-friendly.

Not only that, but the metal used in its construction is all entirely recyclable. This isn’t a concern for your lifetime; it will last you decades with proper care. But it’s nice to know what we build won’t be sitting around polluting the world when we’re done with it.

Let’s Get Building

These are just a few of the reasons why metal garages are superior to other types, including the traditional wood-framed type you see so often.

If saving money and time appeal to you while simultaneously lowering the demands on yourself in terms of future maintenance requirements and cleaning, a metal garage might be just what you’re looking for.

If you would like to know more about metal garage buildings, or if you are interested in a free estimate, please contact us for more information and guidance on what you can do to make building your next garage a reality the quick and painless way. You’ll be glad you did.

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