Why Do I Need Steel Building Insulation?

Metal and steel buildings are durable, but this choice of construction materials also presents a challenge when looking for insulation to use on such buildings. Choosing the right insulation for a metal building helps to reduce energy consumption and may, in some states, allow those constructing the building to claim tax incentives for making the effort to save energy. Steel and metal panels alone will not protect the contents of your metal building from the outside temperature, meaning there is no natural barrier to heat and cold. Adding the right type of insulation helps to control the transfer of outside temperatures. The result will be a building that stays cooler in warmer months and warmer once the temperature drops.

Protection from Condensation

Condensation is a major concern in metal and steel buildings. Insulation serves to protect a metal building from condensation, which can cause damage over time. Insulation creates a vapor barrier to reduce how much condensation takes place directly on the steel panels. Steel or metal buildings located in colder climates can experience condensation from exposure to ice and frost. A regular pattern of freezing and thawing can cause frost to melt, drip water and produce condensation. Insulation creates a “thermal break” between outside sheeting and internal framing to prevent condensation.

Protection from Mold

Mold, in humid climates, can cause problems. Improper maintenance is a common cause of mold in steel buildings. Animals, birds, and even insects may damage the insulation in metal buildings as they try to create a home. It is not always possible to prevent every possible cause of mold. The best defense is to be aware of what is going on inside the walls of a building. This is accomplished with regular inspections using special equipment to detect possible insulation issues. The area in question needs to be opened to correct the issue. This may include replacing insulation that is damaged.


Insulation and regular maintenance of your metal structure will save energy and make your building last longer and feel more comfortable.