In the United States, only 63% of housing units have a garage, and most of them get constructed out of wood.

For some areas of the country, and for some people, that may seem fine. If you live in an area that is prone to severe weather, like the midwest and south, that might not be the best solution for you. If you have vehicles, memorabilia, or anything else to protect, a metal barn or garage is the best way.

Let’s take a look at how you could benefit from having a metal barn on your property.

Metal Barns Last Longer

With proper maintenance, a metal barn can last between 50 and 100 years. The maintenance isn’t difficult. Nothing compared to the constant upkeep that a wooden structure requires. As long as the barn keeps from rusting, it will continue to serve as a sturdy, strong structure.

The reason for a metal structure lasting is simple. Metal is a sturdier material than wood or other solutions. The wind, rain, and sun won’t break down metal the way it does other materials. While extreme weather events, like a direct hit from a tornado, can destroy steel buildings.

Safe Storage

Not only do metal barns last longer, but they provide more security. The metal walls and structure of the barn are resilient and won’t be easy to break in. Severe weather, like hail, will have little impact on the building. It will keep its contents inside safe and protected.

Metal doors and door frames are far harder to kick in than those made of wood. Often when a wood door gets forced the jam breaks and splinters. With a high-quality metal structure, that can’t happen. No one is going to be breaking the steel around the door to force their way in.

Even a single inch of mild steel can handle over 100,000 psi of force. This is more than a person will be able to apply to the structure if they’re trying to get in. Metal doors also benefit from this strength, being able to endure impacts that wooden doors would buckle under.

This is one of the reasons why metal barns make great car barns. You can use them to store multiple vehicles, and the vehicles inside will be safe. A single weather event is often enough to cause significant damage to a wood barn or garage, which could put your vehicles at risk.

Investment Value

Unlike wood or plastics, metal buildings don’t lose their value in a few years. The reason for this is the longevity and durability of the material. This means that you can count on it staying strong and erect for decades. Any time a building is placed on a property it can enhance the value of that property.

The fact that metal buildings hold onto their value means that there is little risk in making an investment with one. The resale value remains high throughout the life of the metal building, so you can always get the value back if you need it. The value it gives to your property will remain stable as well.

Convenience and Time

It is quick and easy to have a prefabricated metal building constructed on your property. Unlike wood buildings which require a lot of measuring, cutting, screwing, and labor, metal buildings are already ready to go up. The pieces all come from the fabrication shop cut to length and ready to connect.

With a skilled crew of builders, a metal structure will take a fraction of the time of a traditional garage or barn to build. They will arrive with everything they need, and the only step to completion is to stage the construction then finish it. This process is streamlined and organized from start to finish.

Health Advantages

Whether you want the metal barn to store vehicles in, or you plan on using it as a horse barn, there are some health advantages. Not only does the barn provide a safe and secure environment, but it also won’t rot or mold. This provides a clean and healthy space for animals and belongings.

Being exposed to mold over a long period of time can make anyone or any horse sick. It can also destroy delicate fabrics, stain painted objects, and be an all-around nuisance and health risk. A metal building won’t rot or mold, so the air quality inside will not be impacted by the building itself.

Save Money

If you need a building, having a metal barn constructed is a great way to save money. The cost of upkeep for traditional building materials, like wood and bricks, is not only expensive but time-consuming. With a metal building that resists most normal wear and tear, you’ll have less expense.

Metal barn construction produces sturdy, dependable buildings that will require minimal upkeep compared to any other building material. You won’t need to have special tools or raw materials around in case of damage, simply enjoy your building for years without the worry and waste.

Versatility and Finishing

Metal buildings get built for an entire host of reasons, but they can also get finished easily. If you want to add drywall, insulation, temperature control systems, whatever it is, it won’t be a problem. The open construction plans and large spaces offered by the metal barn make it an easy project to improve.

Having a large, finished metal building can increase the value of your property even further. With each dollar you spend on getting a metal building, you can rest assured most of it will come back to you in value.

Metal Barns

Now that you know why metal barns are superior, you can see all the reasons why you should have one in your yard. No matter how large or small, a metal building will serve you well.

If you’re ready to get started, contact Elite Metal Structures today. We offer a multitude of options and structures for you to browse.