Do you have an RV and are debating whether to build a motorhome cover or not? RV carports are beneficial to you and the environment as well as your pocket.

They also come in different types and sizes, so you can choose one which best suits your RV, whatever it is.

But do RV carports add value to your home? While they might not add much value themselves, they make a great addition to any RV and will save you money on repairs down the road.

Read to learn the importance of building a carport and how it can add value to your property.

What Is an RV Carport?

An RV carport is a shelter attached to the home or garage explicitly built for motorhomes of any size. They protect the RV from weather, sun, snow, and more.

The carports can also provide a safe spot to park an RV near the house or garage. This way, the owners can have easy access without being too close to busy streets.

Now that you know what an RV carport is, let’s look at ways on how it can increase your property value:

Additional Storage Space

Besides protecting your motorhome from weather-related damages, the carports provide additional storage space. They’re great for storing bicycles or sports equipment when not in use.

If you’ve limited space in your house, a carport can become handy for storing items that are not in regular use. It’ll save your items from exposure to dust and damage from elements present outside.

Improves Your Home’s Curb Appeal

RV covers add value to your home by simply increasing its curb appeal. When you have a motorhome in your yard, it usually attracts visitors from the neighborhood who are curious about what kind of RV you have.

Some neighbors may even ask if they can camp out in your backyard to get a glimpse of your luxurious RV.

You can custom-build them to match your home’s style, and windows look like they were original to the house. Besides, it shows off your attention to detail and love for design.

RV Carport shows potential home buyers that even if you don’t currently own an RV now, you may need it later.

Looks Like Original Architecture

A well-constructed recreational vehicle carport is comparable to original architecture with many styles available.

Motorhome carports show potential home buyers that the RV isn’t just an afterthought. It’ll be part of your lifestyle for many years to come.

Adding a carport provides the much-needed parking space and protects your vehicle against sun, wind, and rain.

Relieves the Homebuyer from Further Expenses

Carports are excellent in showing potential buyers that you’ve taken proper care of your home’s exterior. Most home buyers want to get everything perfect before moving in their furniture and decorating their walls.

There’s no one willing to part with more money after the purchase to build a new RV carport.

If you have custom-built motorhome covers that match your windows and doors, it gives a cohesive exterior. It also shows how much you care about its appearance.

RV Carport Styles and Types

There are two main types of RV carports; open-air or enclosed.

Open-air RV Carports: If you don’t need full coverage for your motorhome, an open-air carport is the safest bet. This type has high visibility and offers some weather-related damages resistance.

Garage Style: Open-air RV carports are designed to fit the RV’s.

RV Barn Style: They’re great for longer RVs where garage-style carports will not do. Also, it offers the most protection against the elements. It covers the motorhome, unlike open-air RV carports which offer less protection.

Enclosed RV Carports: They provide maximum protection and privacy for RV vehicle parking inside. These carports can be designed in several ways depending on your mobile vehicle style and your taste in home design.

However, RV Carports come in many varieties like:

  • Solid roof RV Carports
  • RV Pergola Carports
  • RV Garages with Side Walls
  • RV Front Garage Style RV Garages
  • RV Open Air Styles (these can include; triangular, square, or round designs)

All of these options are great for securing your RV while parked outside. Yet, they also provide additional benefits. For instance, a metal RV carport offers more than shelter from foreign elements.

Benefits of Installing RV Carports

Have you noticed the current skyrocketing prices for RV carports? While motorhome covers offer damage protection, they also increase your home value.

Here are five metal carports benefits for property owners:

1. Protects Your Vehicle from Hailstorms and Lightning

During these harsh weather conditions, an RV carport can protect your vehicle from damage. If you own an RV, find a metal carport that’ll keep your vehicle safe from bad weather.

Keeping your vehicle safe from the elements provides you with peace of mind. Also, it gives you the freedom to enjoy your vehicle, knowing it’ll be in good condition when you start it.

2. Increased Resale Value

If you’re planning to sell your vehicle anytime soon, having a metal carport will increase your vehicle’s resale value. Potential buyers like to see vehicles in good condition. Being parked under a metal carport tells them that the vehicle has been appropriately cared for.

3. Customization

You can customize your metal vehicle cover to suit your specific needs and tastes. While there are several standard metal carports available, you can configure your motorhome cover to your liking.

4. Added Security

Many metal carports feature decorative designs which provide an added level of security to your home and property. You don’t have to worry about burglary anymore.

5. An Economical Investment

Metal carports are incredibly durable and affordable. Thus, building a carport is more economical than building a garage.

Construct an RV Carport Now to Increase Your Property Value

It’s no secret that an RV carport can increase your property value significantly. However, you need an experienced contractor that can use creative designs and quality metal materials.

If you’re looking for professional RV carport builders, Elite Metal Structures is your number one choice. Let us solve your RV storage nightmare and increase home value now. For free building quotes or financing, call us today.