Metal Building Colors

After you determine what type of metal building you need, it’s time to customize the look and functionality of your building. In one of our previous blog articles we discussed functional additions like gutters and downspouts.  Here we will focus more on the aesthetics of your building, which primarily involves choosing your metal building colors.

More specifically, selecting a trio of options from our color chart creates your metal building color scheme for the roof, walls and the trim. Another popular option is Colonial Trim and Dutch trim corners.

Elite Metal Structures customers tend to select their steel building colors based on one of the following three color combination definitions.

Monochromatic: Colors that are shade or tint variations of the same hue.

Complementary: Colors across from each other on a color wheel.

Analogous: Colors located adjacent to each other on a color wheel.

Additionally you can also choose the Colonial style which is available on vertical side buildings only. Colonial style is an option where there is different colored band around the bottom of the building. Similar to wainscoting, it is commonly used with a dark lower color and a lighter color on top. This option is great for areas where gravel dust and mud may get on your building.

Choosing your metal building colors is an important part of the design process. Some things you may wish to consider when choosing your color scheme are as follows:

  • Light colors reflect sunlight. Keeping your interior temperatures cooler in the summer.
  • Your steel building will last for decades. Having the newest “hot” color on your structure may seem like the thing to do right now, but ten years from now you may have changed your mind.
  • Home Owner Associations and municipalities may have restrictions on what colors you may choose in your location. You should check with any local organizations to be sure.