A multicar detached garage can be a great addition to a home. They have a lot of practical uses, ranging from simple car storage to the foundation of a new workshop. They also add value to a home by directly contributing to the overall square footage. 

However, are they worth the money? The answer to this question is influenced by a number of different factors that one needs to be aware of. Here, we’ll be exploring those factors so make sure to keep reading to see if one will be worth it to you!

What Is the Advantage of Having a Multicar Detached Garage?

Before answering whether a multicar detached garage is worth it, it is important to understand its purpose. By understanding this, it is easier to make a final decision. 

A multicar detached garage’s primary purpose is to store vehicles. In many cases, they are used because the owner does not have enough space in their attached garage to store their vehicles or because their house does not have an attached garage. 

This is part of the reason they are so attractive to collectors of classic cars. However, they also remove a car from the hustle and bustle of traffic going in and out of the house. This prevents them from taking as much accidental damage, which is important in order to preserve their value. 

Another purpose of a detached garage is additional storage for general goods. All or part of the garage can be turned into a storage unit. This saves on monthly storage unit costs. 

Together, these purposes also make a detached garage attractive for sportsmen. For example, fishermen can store a boat along with all of their fishing supplies in a single location. 

A garage can also be a workspace. The owner can still keep their car in one half of the structure but can use the other half as a workshop, an art studio, a remote work area, or anything else they could desire. Many find the isolation of a detached building great for maintaining focus and getting things accomplished. 

In addition, a detached garage distances the house from everything going on within. If the garage is being used as a car workshop, it prevents this noise from entering the house. If it is being used to store oil and chemicals, it keeps them away from the house’s inhabitants. 

How Much Does a Multicar Detached Garage Cost?

There are a lot of factors that will influence the overall cost of building a detached garage. However, on average, one can expect to spend between $16,747 and $38,926

The reason it becomes so difficult to pinpoint an exact price is because every garage is different. There are a lot of detached garage ideas out there that range from simple structures to elaborate buildings. What you end up going with will have an influence on the cost. 

The size is one of the biggest factors influencing this price. In general, a bigger garage will cost more, especially if it requires multiple doors. The bigger garage will offer more space for storage and can be used for more, but it will come at a price. 

The type of garage also plays a big part. A prefabricated metal garage can be a perfect budget option that still gets the job done. Meanwhile, a more elaborate custom job will raise the cost but will be able to cater to very specific needs. 

Another big factor is the number of hookups that are needed. Adding electricity, plumbing, or internet to your garage will make the place more comfortable. However, each feature will add its own costs. 

Other quality of life elements will also influence the price. These include windows, insulation, decoration, and any upgrades to the flooring. Basically, the more your garage feels like a home, the more it will end up costing. 

Even optional features relating to the quality of the building will change the garage’s value. As you might expect, quality parts will typically cost more but will create a quality product. 

How Much Does a Multicar Detached Garage Increase the Value of Your Home?

The value added by a multicar detached garage will vary depending on a lot of different factors, even more than the price. It can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands. 

As with anything related to real estate, location matters. If you are in an affluent area, an additional metal building on the property can add a lot of value. It adds to the square footage of the house, which is already at a premium in affluent areas. 

In addition, the options and extras discussed above will influence the value. Bigger, higher quality, and generally more expensive garages will end up being worth more. For example, adding an RV Carport adds a lot of value for any buyer who has an RV. 

The importance of a detached garage is greater if your house does not already have a garage. In many cases, home buyers consider a garage a necessity and will not even consider your house if it does not have one. For this reason, adding a garage has a big impact when the house does not already have one. 

Can You Increase the Value of a Detached Garage?

While any detached garage adds value to a home, there are ways in which you can increase this value even further. These options may be attractive to owners who are looking to add even more value to their homes. 

One obvious way to do this is to increase the size of the garage. After all, a 3 car detached garage will be worth more than a 2-car detached garage. Increasing the size has a direct impact on the square footage of the house when it comes time to put it in listings. 

However, a less obvious way to increase value is by adding living quarters above the garage. The best time to add an addition like this is when you are installing a new structure on your property. So, you can use the creation of your new garage as the perfect opportunity. 

If you choose to add living quarters above the garage, you can even use it as an avenue for income generation. By leasing this new living space, you have an opportunity to start seeing a return on your investment even earlier. 

Even if you don’t want to necessarily become a landlord, there are other options available. AirBnb hosts only rent out their property for short stretches of time but can make around $924 a month. This might be an option for income generation that involves a little less hassle. 

Do You Need a Multicar Detached Garage?

Ultimately, whether a multicar detached garage is worth the money or not is based on your individual situation. This is mostly based on if you will use the garage and how much value you believe it will add. 

First, identify if you have a need for a detached garage. If you are a person with multiple cars or a boat that needs to be stored, if you are in need of a place for a workshop, or simply need more storage, then you have a need. 

If this is the case, then you should think about how valuable this will be to you. Most home improvements do not recuperate 100% of their installation costs, so it is important that they have value to you outside of this. 

While thinking about this factor, make sure to consider any expenses a detached garage will save you. Storage units can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 a month. If you pay for a storage unit, pay to keep your car somewhere, or pay to deal with weather damage on your cars, then having a detached garage has even more value. 

Second, try to estimate the value that a detached garage will add to your specific situation. If you live in an affluent area or your home doesn’t have a garage already, then it may add some significant value. 

Together, these factors can help you make a decision. If you think you will get use out of a garage and also can use the additional value it will provide, then a multicar detached garage could be for you. 

Is a Multicar Detached Garage Worth the Money?

As mentioned above, the final decision on whether a multicar detached garage is worth the money comes down to individual situations. However, the practicality of a garage combined with its value makes it a good choice for anyone in the right situation. 

Those interested in adding a garage should start by looking into the buying process. Get a fast and free estimate from Elite Metal Structures today to get the process going!